Store Policies / FAQ


The Feathered Serpent is based in Niagara Falls, ON. We ship nationwide throughout Canada (excluding Nunavut)

All out-of-province shipments get sent out between Mondays and Wednesdays.



We only ship via Purolator, FedEx and UPS. We will always choose the least expensive/fastest option among these three. Shipping charges at checkout are an estimate. We will promptly contact customers who overpaid or underpaid for their shipping. Because of extensive and ongoing shipping delays, we do not and will not ship by Canada Post. 



We only ship priority express, which means customers typically get their orders in 1-3 shipping days depending on their location within Canada. The Feathered Serpent is not responsible for courier delays or lost shipments, and will not refund orders that get lost or damaged in transit.



Customers will receive their tracking information by email the day the package ships. It is the customer’s responsibility to track the package and follow up with the courier if there are any delays, redirects or problems with the package. Please contact the courier for shipping problems before reaching out to The Feathered Serpent. 



Plants are shipped bare root, in moss or in growing medium depending on the plant.



Special insulated packaging and heat packs are available for colder temperatures. Please be responsible when requesting shipments colder weather and check local weather to make an informed decision.

***Heat packs must be purchased at check out***



There are no refunds or exchanges on any perishable items. You have 24 hours after receiving your package to report any damage or loss of item(s). We will try our hardest to ensure customer satisfaction and will work towards a resolution with any issues that arise.



We take every measure possible to ensure all plants are healthy and pest free. It is the customers responsibility to inspect, sanitize and quarantine plants upon arrival. You have 24 hours after receiving your plant to report any issues or concerns regarding pests; we will assist in identifying the issue and the appropriate treatment process for your plant.



When participating in a group order select 'combine orders' at checkout. Designate one person to be the point of contact and email all orders that need to be combined. Shipping cost will be calculated on the day package is set to be mailed out. The point of contact is responsible to pay the full shipping cost.

A $2.99 handling fee per participant will be applied on every group order.



Select 'Combine Orders/ Delivery' at check out if soliciting Plantrunz delivery service. YOU MUST email AND CC (Carbon Copy) to make sure both parties can coordinate your orders in a timely manner, failure to do so might delay delivery. Payments are processed by Plantrunz directly.

For pricing and all other inquiries kindly visit